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GlideLoc Rail for Existing Ladders  KEEP CONNECTED 

GlideLoc Vertical Guide Rail is the perfect solution when there is a fall risk on an existing fixed ladder. 
People think that the hoops of an existing ladder offer fall protection while climbing, but this is wrong! Tests carried out by the HSE show that hoops do not offer fall protection and in some cases cause more injury in the event of a fall from height. Read more >> 
The Guide Rail provides fall protection while climbing vertical ladders that is easy to use, requires minimal maintenance and provides superior height safety


Easy To Use 

The GlideLoc Guide Rail system is engineered to offer smooth operation when ascending or descending any existing ladder. 
The Body Control Traveller glides easily along the fall arrest rail holding the user close to the ladder giving them total confidence while climbing

Rail Positioning 

The Fall Arrest Guide Rail can be positioned to the centre or to the side of the ladder by fixing to the existing rungs or to the side by fixing to the ladder stiles. 


GlideLoc 1m Top Extension 

This allows the user to stand on the top rung of the ladder before disconnecting from the system. 
It also comes with an EN 795 tested eyebolt to allow the user to connect an energy absorbing lanyard before disconnecting from the system. This allows for continuous connection to and from the upper roof / platform. 

Ho-Vert Turntable 

This allows the user to be permanently connected when passing from one ladder across a platform to the next ladder. 
The user climbs to the top of the ladder and positions the Comfort Traveller into the turntable and turns it 90deg. He then steps on to the platform and the traveller follows him gliding alone the horizontal rail to the next turn table and the method is repeated on upper ladder runs. 
The GlideLoc Fall Arrest Guide Rail System works in conjunction with the following travellers: 
Söll Vertical 'Comfort' Fall Arrester II - Stainless Steel (part No. 27872) 
The GlideLoc range is fully tested to BS EN 353-1 (2014) and “HSE 8” Tests. 


GlideLoc GuideRail Product Catalogue - For details of GlideLoc GuideRail products including dimensions, material and features. 
GlideLoc GuideRail Installation Instructions - For details of how the GlideLoc GuideRail should be correctly installed and an inspection check list. 
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